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Empowering Education One School at a Time

e2e Exchange knows education. We understand the myriad and diverse challenges faced by administrators, teachers, and students. Our area of expertise is identifying and addressing your needs. By building close relationships and focusing on understanding, e2e offers personalized solutions, tailored to match your precise wants and needs. We strive to empower schools by giving educators the support, tools, and information that they need to secure and protect federal funding, remain in compliance with state and federal regulations, find – and develop – the perfect staff members, and deliver the best experience possible to their students. Find out how we can help you below!

E-Rate Consulting

We work with schools and libraries to secure E-Rate funding for key technology purchases. Our compr...

CIPA Compliance

CIPA Compliance is required of schools and libraries receiving E-Rate funding. e2e offers consulting...

Cyber Safety

2e helps schools analyze and meet state cyberbullying requirements by enacting new processes...


We offer schools, school districts, and educational service agencies access to our BUILD Tool and expert...

Grant Funding

We have a team of professionals who are technology experts, engineers, finance and executive level...

Expense Reduction

We have a team of experts in Accounting, Business, and Law to help reduce our client’s current expense...

CA Teleconnect Fund

e2e manages the CTF application process to ensure all requirements are met. The CTF program...

SRSA Grant Program

e2e completes the entire Small, Rural School Achievement application process on behalf of the...


After years of working hand-in-hand with schools, school districts, libraries, and educational service agencies, we know how to offer the right solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of the K-12 educational landscape enables us to understand your unique needs.


We strive to empower education on every level. Our services give administrators, teachers, students, and support staff the support and solutions they need to truly make a difference in their schools, their communities, and themselves.

End to End

Our comprehensive approach means that we’re here for you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and the respect with which we treat our clients; our goal is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to develop new solutions.


  • You work for a school, school district, library, BOCES, or educational service agency
  • You and your organization are in need of education solutions and E-Rate funding
  • You’re interested in developing effective pathways to update procedures and policies
  • You need to create new efficiencies
  • You require new tools and strategies to enhcance compliance and data management


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