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CIPA Compliance


CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) compliance is required for an entity to become and remain eligible for the E-Rate Program. If an entity is found to be noncompliant, it could be required to return E-Rate funds received during the period of noncompliance to USAC. This could be a significant loss to E-Rate applicants. Because of this, compliance is incredibly important. The FCC guidelines can be difficult to navigate, and our services help you become and remain compliant.


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CIPA requires all schools and libraries to take measures to ensure internet safety – protection against access or exposure to inappropriate or harmful content, as well as the education of minors about appropriate online behavior. If an audit fails to show proof of CIPA compliance in any of these areas , USAC may request for all E-Rate funding awarded during the period of non-compliance to be returned. Proof of compliance is vital, and requires careful and strategic tracking of CIPA required documents and education. 


Compliance Review

Our team will work with you to review your current CIPA-required policies and practices and develop updated structures and processes with CIPA compliance in mind. We’ll help you establish the framework necessary to maintain compliance while adapting the requirements to meet your organization’s unique utilization and instructional needs.

Compliance Portal

Our online compliance portal allows educators to gather, manage, and utilize CIPA compliance data. Administrators can easily create compliance reports using customized data sets, and the portal transforms lesson delivery and tracking procedures by allowing teachers to download CIPA-compliant lesson plans and track their delivery and completion details.

Document Retention and Tracking

CIPA compliance documents must adhere to USAC’s 10 year document retention rules. Our document submission and lesson tracking solutions allow you to meet this requirement with little effort, less paperwork, and by providing instant access to customizable compliance reports via our online portal.

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