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Expense Reduction

Are you over budget? Need help SAVING money?

E2e Exchange, LLC has partnered with NovaLinxs to bring our clients additional value. We have a team of experts in Accounting, Business, and Law to help reduce our client’s current expenses. Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer strategic advisory services that focus on reducing operations and capital expenses. Our goal is to decrease our client’s expenses, improve broken processes, and strengthen vendor relationships..


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A vast majority of companies are over-paying their suppliers, and by combining expense items into broad categories, it becomes next to impossible to analyze. We utilize forensic accounting methods to identify true cost ownership, and weaknesses in service contracts. We separate each expense item, compare them against our national database, and create a solution to reduce costs with the current provider or a new provider.



We gather expense information through an audit and benchmark the current contracts. We then examine the terms and conditions in that specific category to give an analysis of current:Operating CostsLease Accounting & Cost RecoveryCapital InvestmentService Costs


We create a savings report based on industry standards, industry best practices, and business goals. The report will serve as a foundation for achieving savings and implementing out sustainable cost savings solution.


Upon approval, we work with your team to build a custom RFP and implement the recommended solution. However, 90% of the time we are successful helping our clients stay with their current provider.

We do not sell any products.

We work on a contingency basis.

Most importantly, we provide nearly 100% satisfaction for our clients.

  • Average Savings 47% 47%
  • Stay With Current Vendor 90% 90%
  • Client Success Rate 100% 100%
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